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Early Help

Step Down from Children’s Social Care to Early Help

Remember that Early Help is an offer and needs consent of the family 

The Social Worker will actively consider Early Help before closing the case. This will be discussed with the family and other professionals, and a lead agency/Lead Practitioner identified. (For MASH outcomes see separate MASH outcomes flowchart on TRI-X library)

1. From C&F Team

A Child In Need (CIN) meeting with the family and all relevant professionals is organised.
CIN meeting agrees to Step Down to Early Help, the case remains open to Social Care until point 5, below.

1. From IRT

A Team Around the Family (TAF) meeting with the family, and all relevant professionals, is organised when the Single Assessment has the outcome of Early Help.
The TAF meeting agrees to Step Down to Early Help, the case remains open to Social Care until point 5, below.

2. Written Agreement to engage with Early Help will be gained by the Social Worker

Social Worker to open an Early Help Assessment (EHA) on Right for Children (RfC) and transfer the analysis of the Single Assessment or CIN record of meeting on to the EHA

N.B. do NOT finalise the EHA at this stage.

3. At the TAF or CIN meeting

Discuss the Early Help Assessment (EHA) and the proposed Early Help Plan (EHP) with the family. Ensure clear evidence of what the concerns are and the plan to address/meet the needs of the family (Lead Practitioner to ensure EHA is finalised & EHP initiated on RfC)

4. Request for Additional Services

If additional services are required agree who completes the Request for Additional Services (RfAS) form (see hyperlink below), and forward to the local Early Help Mailbox to be discussed at Triage and agree what service is required.

5. Social Worker to initiate Case Closure process

Ensure when closing the case in Eclipse it is clearly stated that the case is stepping across to Early Help


If you are concerned that a child is being abused please call

0345 155 1071

or email

Professionals should complete the MASH contact form.

If it’s an emergency call 999