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First Steps ASD Paediatrics Multi Disciplinary Team Drop In


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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First Steps ASD Paediatrics Multi Disciplinary Team Drop Ins – All are welcome to join the Teams meetings.

This is part of the First Steps Project supporting practitioners and families with Children on Neurodiverse pathways.  These Drop-In sessions are for Professionals.

There will be 10 minutes with one of the therapists sharing some useful ideas, a Ten Minute Toolkit, this is a great opportunity and then there will be time for discussion.

From Lisa Teoh, Paediatrician:

The First Steps collaboration is a pilot project started in Torbay and Devon gathering momentum in the last six months, looking at how to provide a joined-up child-centred approach to neurodiversity.  This April we aim to gather round the table everyone working with families to commit to joined-up care.   Through changing our language and the way we work together, we can shift the question from “what is wrong” to “what can we do”- aiming for rapid recognition and response to every child’s needs.

  1. First Steps handbook

 A framework for families, along with conversation with someone who knows their child. 

  1. Monthly skill sharing drop-ins with schools, early help, therapists and paediatricians

Professionals supporting a family can directly confer about further ways to support each individual child, saving the need for referrals. 

  1. Children who require further assessment are referred into a single pathway and are seen in one appointment along with whoever has referred/ is supporting the family.

Joint appointments between health, therapies and schools/early help.


First Steps ASD Paediatrics Multi-Disciplinary Team Drop In:


Tuesday 26th July 3pm – 4pm    Click here to join the meeting


Join the First Steps project – email if you would like a handbook for a family, join our monthly skill sharing drop-ins, and come to our launch in April.