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Raising Awareness – Autism – Multi-Agency (virtual event)


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Event Type

Who is this training for:

Basic autism awareness training for everyone involved in an agency, organisation or setting across education, health, social care and public services who would benefit from an understanding of autism. The making sense of autism training will give you a better understanding and awareness of autism and the way it affects young people in your agency, organisation or setting.

Training Objectives

• understand the four key areas of difference that need to be taken into account when working with young people on the autism spectrum.
• know the importance of understanding the young person on the autism spectrum and their profile of strengths and areas for development.
• identify the key areas to help young people on the autism spectrum build positive relationships with staff, peers and people in their community.
• develop an awareness of the sensory and communication differences that young people on the autism spectrum may experience.

Wednesday 18th Nov 2020 (15.30-17.00) – £35
Tuesday 15th Dec 2020 (9.30-11.00) – £35