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Strengthening Families to Safeguard Infants – the first 1001 critical days

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Date(s) - 23/03/2022
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

You are invited to attend a Practitioners Workshop facilitated by the Devon Children & Families Partnership.  We will be running two workshops (same content).  They will be virtual and delivered on-line via Microsoft Teams.


Wednesday 23rd March – 10am to 1pm

Thursday 24th March – 1pm to 4pm

Workshop Outline  (this could be subject to slight amendment)

  • Restorative Devonto raise awareness of the DCFP’s Restorative Practice approach across Devon


  • Keeping Infants Safe & Involving Dads “some fathers are absent and inept but so are some mothers. No-one can raise a human child on their own; it takes a whole community to raise a child but right in the centre of that community is “dad” (Dr Anna Machin, anthropologist and broadcaster). Do we need to change the way we talk about dads, acknowledging their unique and special role in their children’s lives. We need to change the conversation about fathers | Anna Machin | TEDxClapham – YouTube


  • Where’s the father? Who’s engaging with dad around the birth of their baby and antenatal care? Which agencies are actively working with dad in respect of their baby and/or children?


  • Barriers to Working with Dads –It seems we often lack the will or the confidence to work with men. Why is this?  Unconscious bias or previous experiences?  Are we failing to safeguard children due to our lack of consideration towards fathers and their role as a dad?


  • Dad’s PerspectiveWhat does it feel like from a dad’s perspective to be included from the start?


  • Building on Best PracticeHow can we build on best practice to engage and work better with men, considering the national and local context (below)?



National context

  • Critical 1001 days – Conception to Age 2. Pregnancy, birth and the first 24 months can be tough for every mother and father, and some parents may find it hard to provide the care and attention their baby needs. But it can also be a chance to affect great change, as pregnancy and the birth of a baby is a critical ‘window of opportunity’ when parents are especially receptive to offers of advice and support.  The period from conception to age two is globally recognised as critical for building strong societies.  So how do we work close with dads? Click here to find out more about 1001 Critical Days


  • The Child Safeguarding Practice, National Panel Review , September 2021- Non-Accidental Injury in Under 1s. Looking t cases of non-accidental injury in infants, how well does the safeguarding system understand the role of the father/male carer?  How can the safeguarding system be more effective at engaging, assessing and planning for and with men in the protection of children (or those for whom they have a parenting responsibility)?  In a cohort of 23 babies, 19 were seriously harmed and 4 died.  In criminal and care proceedings following the incident, there were:
  • 4 cases where father was the convicted perpetrator
  • 3 cases where both parents were charged with the murder
  • 5 cases where there were “findings of fact” against the father
  • 4 cases against both father and mother


Findings included that overall antenatal and postnatal services are not commissioned for men or delivered to fathers/male carers. Fathers/male carers were not able to access the information/advice/guidance provided to mothers around the fragility of babies, the impact of young babies within the family and the needs of infants.

Click here to find out about the National Panel Review


Local Context

  • Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews – click on the links below to read the safeguarding reviews conducted by the DCFP.

Thematic Review – non-accidental injury to infants 0-2

Baby F – 12 weeks old, abusive head trauma

Ed – non-accidental injury to an infant – factures and bruising

Ashton – child death baby under 1

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