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Summer Holiday Arrangements – Early Help

The following Early Help arrangements are in place for the summer holiday 2020.

School holiday clubs and childcare

Currently 99 providers across the county are available to provide provision during the summer holiday. To find childcare at the times when parents/carers need it please visit Pinpoint. If key workers are not able to find the childcare needed please complete the Unable to Find Childcare Form and submit it via the webpage. Devon County Council continues to work with providers to resolve gaps in provision.

Vulnerable children over the summer holidays


Schools have, so far, identified 300 children who do not have a Social Worker but are considered vulnerable and that they are concerned about over the summer holidays. Education Welfare Officers (EWO) have worked through the list, in collaboration with colleagues in Early help to clarify individual needs in. EWOs will work with Early Years and Early Help to identify placements to support families while schools are closed.

Food Poverty

For those children where food poverty has been identified as a vulnerability over the summer holidays, the COVID Summer Food Fund is available to schools to organise food vouchers for these families. The £90 voucher for each eligible child can be broken into smaller voucher amounts spread over the summer holiday period in exceptional circumstances. For more information about the COVID Summer Food Fund, including where and how these vouchers can be redeemed, see the government guidance available.

Food hampers have been distributed by some schools at their own discretion during lockdown and other have provided vouchers for local shops.

Applications for this Summer Food Fund needed to be made before the end of the school term and all children accessing Free School Meals will already be allocated vouchers. If you have identified children that have food poverty vulnerabilities over the summer holiday, please visit Pinpoint for Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) providing support in each area.

For pregnant women and families with babies and young children, support is available through the Healthy Start programme. This means-tested scheme provides vouchers to support purchasing some basic foods and provision of vitamin supplements. For more information, online applications and eligibility criteria visit the Healthy Start website.

Contacting schools during the summer holidays

School will be closed over the summer holidays in the event of an emergency the Education representatives in MASH can contact designated safeguarding leads. Please note this route is only for MASH level enquiries and contact numbers cannot be shared.

If you need to contact a school for any other reason, please email schools priority alerts An email will be sent to HTm if appropriate, who may then respond over the break.

Local outbreak management plans

The standard operating policy for the local outbreak management plans will require Early Help to be notified of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. This way Early Help will also be part of the IMT meeting to co-ordinate the local response.

Early Help triage

To support the Early Help, offer to families throughout the Summer Holidays and current coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic a number of temporary changes have been made to the early help triage processes to ensure quick and timely support to those children, young people and families in most need. These changes will remain in place over the school holiday period.

Triage will endeavour to identify support for a family wherever possible, but it should be recognised that in a very small number of circumstances this might not be achievable and advice and guidance to the referrer will be given.

Each locality triage panel meetings, will continue to take place daily where required (Monday to Friday). The multi-agency panel will meet and seek to identify support for a family from the wider partnership organisations and services.

Triage times:

  • Northern Devon: 10-11am
  • Southern Devon: 2-3pm
  • Mid and East Devon: 1-2pm
  • Exeter: 11am-12pm

To request support for a family

A request for additional Services form (RFAS) should be completed with the family’s details and information of their current circumstances and support being requested. This will enable the panel to make a timely and informed decision. This RFAS should be emailed to the appropriate locality mailbox.

It is asked that consent is obtained from the family for submission to the multi-agency Triage panel and that their details where possible be added to the Right for Children IT platform. Consent can be verbal. Where possible, it would be helpful for the family’s details to be added to the Right for Children IT platform and consent confirmed. Please ensure that you check that the family are not already recorded on the system to avoid duplication.

Should you require advice in regard to a child, young person or family please email the appropriate locality mailbox.

Further information, advice and guidance is available in our Early Help section. Alternatively, please email the right for children mail box

If you are concerned that a child is being abused please call

0345 155 1071

or email

If it’s an emergency call 999