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Appreciative inquiry

Protecting, safeguarding and ensuring the well-being of children are complex tasks that can only be successfully achieved by agencies successfully working together.

The Community of Safeguarding Practice has been established to shine a light on our safeguarding practice and ‘what works’ when outcomes for children/young people have improved.  By engaging children, young people, families and practitioners, we are creating ways to share our experience, knowledge, skills and strengths to inform local practice.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn from what we are getting right, our successes and what’s working so that children/young people achieve their best outcomes.

In response to Working Together to Safeguarding Children, Devon is one of 17 local authorities innovating multi-agency safeguarding practice.  Each local safeguarding partner (CCG, Police and the Local Authority) has committed to this area of work by identifying a dedicated member of staff who is working both across Devon and nationally.  We are working the National Children’s Bureau who are gathering learning from the 17 sites and making this widely available.

We are also working with Research in Practice who are helping us develop ways to explore positive change in families, how it was achieved and how it can be maintained and built upon. We intend for all practitioners to be engaged with the Community of Safeguarding Practice and for it to create new ways to share our experiences and learning.

The Community of Safeguarding Practice have been using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) which supports staff in identifying what is working well, exploring why it is working well and then doing more of it.  We have been having Appreciative conversations across Devon and are very excited by the feedback being shared and the learning AI is offering everyone.

Useful resources

If you are concerned that a child is being abused please call

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