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Rapid Review Process Flowchart

Step 1

Safeguarding partner assesses that a case should be referred for consideration of review

If this referral is from partners other than Children’s Social Care, talk to the agency safeguarding lead who sits on the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Group representing your agency. If appropriate, they will discuss the case with the Children’s Social Care Safeguarding Senior Manager and will agree the next steps.

Rapid Review commences

Step 2

  • Working day 0
  • Notification of death or serious harm to a child sent to Ofsted by Children’s Social Care within five working days of incident being notified to the local authority.

Step 3

  • Working day 1
  • Copy of notification form sent to DCFP Business Team by Children’s Social Care (this acts as the referral for Rapid Review).
  • Letters sent to Safeguarding Leads for relevant agencies.

Step 4

  • Working day 2-10
  • Individual Agency Summaries produced by relevant agencies.

DCFP informs Executive Chair that a Rapid Review is in progress.

Step 5

  • Working day 2-10
  • A Progress Meeting for CSPRG members to report on progress of individual agency summaries and identify further agencies to contact.

Step 6

  • Working day 10-12
  • Individual Agency Summaries reviewed by a panel of Child Safeguarding Practice Review Group members.
  • Summary and Outcome of Rapid Review produced making recommendation to DCFP Executive.

Immediate child safeguarding and learning should be implemented if identified by the Rapid Review.

Step 7

  • Working day 12-15
  • Summary and Outcome of Rapid Review sent to the Safeguarding Partners for approval and sign off.
  • Produce final version of the Summary and Outcome of Rapid Review.
  • Share with Chair of the Practice Development Group to review impact of actions to further develop practice.

Step 8

  • Working day 16
  • Summary and Outcome of Rapid Review sent to Child Safeguarding Practice Review National Panel with letter to the Chair, Annie Hudson.
  • Where review proposed, this is Day 0 of review timeline

If you are concerned that a child is being abused please call

0345 155 1071

or email

Professionals should complete the MASH contact form.

If it’s an emergency call 999