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Quick tips for making a MASH contact

These are our quick tips when making a MASH contact.

  • Consent should be obtained from the family to make the contact, unless it is a child protection matter and to seek consent would put the child at further risk of harm.
  • The contact form should be completed as fully as possible, including:
    • Basic information about child’s name and date of birth
    • Family details including dates of birth and family household composition
    • Ethnicity and language of children and parents
    • Identification of adults with parental responsibility and surnames if they are not the same as the parents
    • Address and telephone number of the family and carers and any other significant adults and GP details
    • Schools or early year settings attended
    • Name of key professionals, such as health visitors, GP and any health professionals
    • Nature of the concerns including any family history known or available to referrer.
  • Enquiries should always be made in writing and not by telephone.
  • You should be clear about the nature of the enquiry and what support has already been offered.

If you are concerned that a child is being abused please call

0345 155 1071

or email

Professionals should complete the MASH contact form.

If it’s an emergency call 999